Monday, January 21, 2013

we each possess a guiding self. like a star pointing us in the right direction, it gently steers us towards doing what we love. i have been neglecting mine as of late. it's easy to get burrowed under a million things, in "busyness," and trying to get by through each day. 

today a few things came my way that reminded me of a part of me that i was starting to lose- being part of a bigger community i now live in a place that is hugely diverse and there is so much to do. yet, working full time takes enough energy that i have not been reaching out or exploring as much as i should and need to.

i randomly found an opportunity and just reading about it gave me a surge of energy. it reminded me of something i was passionate about and it's a feeling not to ignore.  

today is a reminder that walking outside of my comfort zone is the first step towards positive movement. i have all these ideas of how i should engage in a healthier lifestyle as a new person in a huge city, but being proactive is not as easy it as sounds. step one: gather ideas. step two: pick one realistic option. step three: show up!

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  1. Don't let the busy-ness overwhelm you! I speak from experience, it will take down your health and well-being and leave your days cheerless. Very nice to read your blog always.


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