Sunday, February 3, 2013

antidote to _________________.

Fill in your own blank. Is it lethargy? Change? Wallowing?

get UP. get out. move. take a walk to anywhere.
go to the movies. anywhere that's not your couch.
stop sinking in. pull those covers off.
remote down.
breathe in the fresh air instead of rushing through it.

get off your computer. text later.
change your routine.
grab coffee and enjoy every sip. 
finish a book. people watch. say hi to a stranger. 
cook dinner. a new recipe. grocery shop (first).
pick your fruit thoughtfully. 

bake. do your laundry. watch the clothes as they spin,
they clean and revive in cycles just as you do.

pay your bills. clean. 
call a friend you've meaning to catch up with. 
write. exercise. even if it's for 10 minutes. 
go to the bookstore. sit in aisles as your browse.
listen to (new) music. dance.
stretch. just move. it's not distraction, it's not forgetting,
it's living and breathing and moving on. 
and on that note- pay attention to your breathing. too often, we are holding our breath.

it will be the hardest thing in the moment to get up,
but say yes
once you do, you'll be happy you did.
most of all-- 
don't wait on anyone to "rescue you,"
be the rescuer of yourself. 


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